It’s Official!

14 February 2010

The official list of candidates for election for the Guild Executive is now on the Guild website and the printed copies winging their way by snail mail to the members – and my name isn’t on it.  In their wisdom (?), the Guild has decided that 3 of the nominations aren’t valid.  Not very simple to explain, but I’ll try:

1.   Nominations had to be with the Returning Officer by 29th January.

2.   Membership fees are due on 1st January but members have until 28th February to renew.

3.   The Nomination Form states:  “A nomination form must be signed by the Nominee, the Nominator and Seconder, who should all be financial members at the date of nomination”.

4.   My form was signed and submitted on 12th December.

5.   My seconder didn’t pay her 2010 membership subscription until the beginning of February.

As far as I was concerned, everyone on my form was a financial member at the date of nomination – 12th December.  A majority of the Guild Executive interpreted the date of nomination as 29th January.  I’m out.  One candidate has resigned from the Guild and the Executive in protest and once again, no ballot will be held as there are the same number of nominees (9) as places.

The AGM should be fun!


  1. ye gods! it seems so terribly petty! what are they afraid of?

    • Apparently ME. And a few others, of course.

  2. What can I say Sally – I’ve said all I can on the subject, and (as I’ve said on my blog) it’s up to the members now. I hope they insist on a vote for the endorsement of the new committee and that the No votewins – ?they’d have to call a new election then, wouldn’t they?

    • I haven’t been to a Knitters’ Guild AGM before. Is it usual for there to be a vote to endorse the incoming committee?

  3. I don’t know! I’m assuming that the meeting votes to endorse the new committee – usually when there is no election, they are just declared to be the committee. Check the minutes of the last AGM and see how it’s phrased.

  4. This is a quite ludicrous mangling of the English language. “At the date of nomination” means just that.

    Take the most extreme example – if, God forbid, a seconder in proper membership standing should die the day after supporting a nomination in December, he/she would patently not be in a position to renew membership in the new year. In that situation, would the great and the good decide that the seconder was out of membership on 29th January and strike out the nomination? Or would they take the view of any reasonable person and say that it was a valid nomination WHEN IT WAS MADE?

    The same reasoning should apply in the present situation – one cannot rule retrospectively against wording which a senior legal mind has clarified according to the law of the land and of contract.

    PLEASE someone start a new representative body and show the Guild how it’s done properly!

  5. No vote can be taken at the AGM that hasn’t been signalled a set number of days before the meeting and advised to members; remember, that’s why the motion about the collection wasn’t put to the meeting last year. And the AGM notices have gone out so it’s too late to signal a motion for this year.

    In other words, the meeting isn’t open to motions from the floor. But there are many ways to skin a cat.

  6. A lesser person would have resorted to physical violence by now.

  7. That’s it! Physical violence. P G Wodehouse once described someone as having “a face one could never tire of slapping” – go for it!

    Only joking, Petunia, but isn’t it tempting….?

  8. I’m sure they are scared of you Sally – you’re logical, thoughtful, engaged. What could be worse?!

    Wish I could be a helpful member of the UPOTO club. (Have I got those initials right?)

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