I Forgot!

7 March 2010

It dawned on me this afternoon that in March I normally run my own Blogathon.  I promise to post at least once a day and I give a couple of prizes at the end of the month.

So feel free to shout at me.  I’m late. 

To correct this dreadful omission, I’ll post every day up to and including 1st April. 

2nd April is the third anniversary of my blog and I’ll announce prize winners then.

Just leave a comment for me during that time and your name will go into the draw, to be picked by my random number generator (David).  There’ll be two prizes as usual – one for an Australian resident and one for a reader from anywhere else in the world.  I don’t choose the prizes until I know the winners so if you’re not a knitter, don’t despair – you won’t be sent a skein of Australian merino.  Usual conditions apply – Judith, you’re not eligible. 

Look forward to hearing from lots of you.  Now I just have to think what to write about for a month.    



  1. so if we leave a comment on this first one, do we get 7 entries in the draw on account of there not being opportunities on mar1 to mar6?
    yrs truly
    greedy of sydney.

    • Nope. The first year I did this, I gave one entry to the draw for every comment left. But people stopped leaving comments because they didn’t want to look greedy! (I’ve got some very thoughtful friends). Last year I changed the rules – one entry per person. So leave as many comments as you want – you get one entry. And your name, Jennifer, is first in the hat!

      • fair dos/does – never had to type that before. wonder how it’s spelt?

  2. Well, you could start by giving us an edited (politically correct?) account of yesterday’s event for those members who were not able to join the fun! LOL

    • I think a non-politically correct version would be so much more amusing.

      Also Sally, what’s a good day to do the Easter Show knitting ?

  3. TERRIBLE!! – there you’ve been shouted at! Had fun today – we should do this more often…

  4. You can write your memoirs now, Sally, about your year on the Executive – you might get some very good offers not to publish XD

  5. Looking forward to many posts to read!

  6. I won last year! Thank you, Sally! I’m not commenting to be in this year’s drawing, but just to say how thrilled I was when your package arrived here last year. I had just discovered your blog and I’m still enjoying it a year later. Keep it up, please! And I’m looking forward to your commentary of the Easter Show on David Reidy’s Sticks and String podcast.

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