So Far, So Good . . . Part 3

13 March 2010

And, finally, just to give you an idea of the “garden” in which we were married, here’s our house:


Not likely to make the pages of Homes and Gardens.

And bear in mind that this was probably the best house in town and the only two-storey one.  The inside had fairly recently been renovated though and was lovely (great kitchen).

Yuendumu is an Aboriginal community of about 1000 people, it’s 200 miles or so from Alice Springs (which took between 4 and 8 hours depending on the weather, as a lot of the journey is along dirt roads) and the only building between Yuendumu and Alice Springs is a roadhouse (Tilmouth Well) where we always stopped for petrol and a coffee. That’s where we had our wedding night party (and could drink alcohol – Yuendumu is a dry town so we could only serve fruit juice).  We did the trip to Alice about once every 2-3 weeks to buy food (and go to a restaurant/the cinema/cafes/shops – I couldn’t be more excited if I’d been going to spend the weekend in New York!).




  1. The distances in NT are hard to grasp – even when one is driving them so I can understand your excitement!

    Thanks for sharing – I am finding it most interesting.

  2. We lose sight sometimes of how much pleasure relatively small and ordinary things can give us. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your life there, and more photos – please!

  3. I’ve so enjoyed your posts about your wedding. So memorable.

  4. How long did you and David live there?

  5. OMG – no yarn shops! 🙂

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