To A Special Mother

14 March 2010

Today in the UK it’s Mother’s Day (in Australia I think it’s in May).  My sister is taking my mother out for lunch at her favourite Indian restaurant.  She’ll come home full and happy, with a rose presented by the restaurant and pleased that she’s spent the day with at least one of her daughters.  This will be her 62nd Mother’s Day.

But for a very good friend of mine, this is her first Mother’s Day.  I received a letter this week with photos of the two children (aged 4 and 2) that she and her husband have just adopted.  I think she’s finding it quite exhausting – imagine someone coming to YOUR home and leaving you with two energetic toddlers – but I have every confidence they’ll do a really great job (if they can just get enough sleep) and bring up two lovely and well-loved children.

So, M, have a great Mother’s Day.  You’ve waited a long time for this – enjoy it!




  1. Congratulations M!

  2. Happy Mother’s Day, M.

    I know someone else who’ll have her first Mothers’ Day this year! Right now, I think she’s finding it a bit like riding a roller coaster (and hers isn’t a toddler).

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