I Promise Myself . . .

17 March 2010

I’ve found in the past that if I’ve confessed here to having lots of half-knitted items hanging around the house and promised to finish them by a certain date, then I stick to it.  My self-discipline is obviously shot to pieces and I have to have some sort of guilt factor built in.  I don’t like breaking promises.  

So here goes:

1.   Baby Surprise Jacket – sew up, knit collar and add buttons.

2.   Another Baby Surprise Jacket –  finish sleeve edging, sew up, maybe add a collar and add buttons.

3.   Winter sweater – Patons Jet – finish sewing up, finish knitting collar.

4.   Linen cardigan – finish knitting one (short) sleeve, knit front and bottom bands and some sort of neckline band (haven’t decided yet what to do).

It’s quite a modest list really but I’m not terribly excited about it.  I think you can sense a pattern though – not very keen on sewing seams or sewing on buttons.  

Anyway, all to be finished by 31st March.  And NOTHING ELSE cast on until then.

I promise (and pictures will follow).




  1. I am the same re seams and buttons. I have a baby cardigan here which I finished months ago, still sans buttons. I even have the buttons, so no excuse except for my button-sewing-on-loathing!

  2. I have two scarves that I am determined to finish before I cast on my next cardi (about two weeks work, I think). But I want to cast on that cardi…

  3. Seaming I can handle – sewing on buttons is another story! Look forward to seeing the finished articles.

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