Endearingly Honest

18 March 2010

Those of you who know my husband probably see him as a kind and polite man – and you’d be right.  He’s charming and witty and intelligent.  He’d never deliberately say anything to hurt me.

But, ACCIDENTLY . . . . he’s a master.

One evening we were watching television and I was, as usual, knitting.   He generally takes no notice and in fact I could (and have) knit surprise items for him right under his nose.  But this particular evening (and I can’t remember what I was working on), he DID notice and asked “What are you trying to knit?”  Note the TRYING TO!

For Christmas, he decided to buy me a new swimming costume.  Great idea – mine were particularly tatty and he has very good taste, but he’s hardly ever bought clothing for me.  So he announced on Christmas morning that, as he wasn’t sure what size to get, he dug out an old costume and “I know you’ve had it for quite a while so I bought the next size up”.

He doesn’t really think I’m a fat, useless knitter . . . it just comes out that way sometimes. 




  1. Oh, Sally! you’ve got to love them, don’t you! Mine’s favourite trick is never noticing when I’ve had my hair cut, but when he does, he blows his cheeks out (moonface) because it’s usually very short and he prefers long hair – not that it changes the shape of my face!!.

  2. I’m sure that’s not at all what he meant!

    You didn’t say if the new costume fit! LOL

  3. No truth in the rumour he used to be in the Diplomatic Corps, then….?

  4. AS long as he hasn’t repeated the beating you up in his sleep trick…

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