Yes, Maybe I’ll Give It A Go

19 March 2010

Writing about David asking what me what am I “trying to knit” yesterday reminded me of another recent knitting story.

I’d just acquired a rather lovely skein of merino wool from the fabulous Knitabulous and had it in my bag when I got to work.

Now everyone there knows I knit (or I thought they did) and I showed it off to the woman sitting next to me.  A new member of staff turned up as we were looking at it, said it was beautiful and asked what I was going to do with it.   I said I hadn’t decided yet.  Her reply?  “Well, perhaps you could learn to knit”.   Everyone laughed and my obsession was explained to her.  The next day I of course turned up in a cardigan I’d made and pointed out to her that I’d taken her advice and was really enjoying it.





  1. Are you still knitting for the work teddy mascot? If so, let’s see him!

  2. “Well, perhaps you could learn to knit” something else!

  3. well you could always go over to the dark side and learn how to crochet 😉

    • I DO crochet – though not very often nowadays. In my teens/early twenties I crocheted more than knitted and may find the courage to dig out a photo of me in a crocheted mini dress I made, and post it on here!

  4. Oh the power of suggestion – ‘you could learn to knit’ one day and complete cardigan the next – what a fast learner you must be!

    Show us that mini immediately!

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