My Husband . . . The Novelist

24 March 2010

My husband, David, may hit my arm (quite hard) during the night as he’s trying to fight off burglars in his dreams, he may sometimes quite often put his foot straight into his mouth.  But I must tell you that he’s exceptionally talented, witty, intelligent and just all round good fun (and no prompting from him to say that – promise).

Don’t forget that this is the wonderful man who got world-wide accolades for the WWKIP logo last year (and is currently working on this year’s).

AND he wrote a book (Dark Siren), which I told you about last year.  You can read about it here. 

A few weeks ago, he submitted the manuscript to Amazon for their Breakthrough Novel Award.  They took 10,000 unpublished novels in two categories (5000 each), General Fiction, and Young Adult Fiction.  The first ‘culling’ left him in the final 1000 in his category (ie 80% of the entries were knocked out), which I thought was pretty impressive.

BUT today we hear that he’s made it into the final 250!!

He’s quite a man, my husband. 

ETA:  The Amazon judges’ reviews of the synopsis and specimen chapters are now online.  Read them here.  (Scroll down page)



  1. That is very cool! Congratulations David!

  2. Huge congratulations from all of us at Chez Disco!

    Oh, and I need to ask a favour. Am doing this blasted tension ladder for the Guild certificates, and I am a few needle sizes short on the small end. Let me know next time you have a day off and fancy a cuppa and a knit, and can I come over and raid your needle stash?

  3. Congratulations, David. Well done.

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