Round Up

25 March 2010

1.     Don’t forget Authorised Knitting at the Stitches and Craft Show, Saturday and Sunday 17th/18th April from 10.00am.  Australian Technology Park, Redfern.

2.     And don’t forget to put in your diaries World Wide Knit in Public on Saturday 12th June.  Details to be announced soon but we’ve wonderful prizes (including a great basket of goodies again from Mosman Needlecraft).  .

3.    And, finally, don’t forget to leave a comment.  Everyone’s name goes into a draw next Thursday and there are two prizes – one for an Australian resident and one for an overseas reader.  And I have only 7 people in the overseas draw at the moment so your chances are pretty good.  Just leave a comment, if only to say ‘hello’.

I’ll be back tomorrow.



  1. Hello from overseas…. and congratulations to David for his novel…hope he goes even further in the competition

  2. Hello from Canada (skiing here for 2 weeks) not UK, but still overseas, right?

    Wonderful re David’s novel, keep us posted, won’t you?

  3. Hi! The news on David’s book is fabulous!!!! You must be busting with pride for him 🙂

    See you soon!!

  4. both are in the diary, are you are the authorised knitting both days?

  5. Hi there Sally. Is there a preferred way you would like the stuff to be given to you at the Stitches and Craft show? I have 4 blankets and a couple of beanies. Do you want them bagged or not? Thanks.

  6. Congrats to David on his novel. Hope he manages to win the competition.

  7. I’m hoping to make both!

  8. Hi Sally! Do you do a KIP in the winter then as well as one in the summer?

    1 in 7 is pretty good!

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