New Words Required

28 March 2010

I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon.  If I’d gone there 10 years or so ago, I would probably have looked out over this wonder of the universe and said “This is awesome”.  Can’t say that any more.  ‘Awesome’ now describes a good cup of coffee, a film or a new pair of shoes.  Awe no longer seems to enter into it.

And where did we get all these ‘stars’ from?   An actor who has appeared in three episodes of a soap opera is now apparently a star – give him a whole series and he’s a superstar.  No – make a great film every year for 10 years and win 3 Oscars – then I’ll call you a star.

Captain the winning side at cricket or football and you’re a hero.  Win an Olympic gold medal and you’re a hero.  Win more than one gold medal and you’re a super-hero.  How are we supposed to describe someone who risks her life to rescue a child from the sea, or to get someone out of a burning building? 

May we have some new words, please?




  1. With you there.

  2. Tough critic – by your standards (3 or more oscars), there are only 4 actors who are stars :-

    * Katharine Hepburn won 4 Academy Awards (all for Best Actress)
    * Three actors have each won 3 Academy Awards:
    o Ingrid Bergman (2 Best Actress, 1 Best Supporting Actress)
    o Jack Nicholson (2 Best Actor, 1 Best Supporting Actor)
    o Walter Brennan (3 Best Supporting Actor)

    Makes for a really skinny HELLO magazine 🙂

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