I Promise Myself – Part 2

29 March 2010

I promised myself (via you all) that I’d finish everything on my needles before I cast on something new.  Well, I’ve stuck to the last part – I haven’t cast on anything.  But I’m having trouble with the first. 

I’m not sure what’s wrong with me lately – everything I knit has to be re-done . . . or maybe I’m just getting more particular. 

One Baby Surprise Jacket finished and with its new owner.  Another BSJ needs to be sewn up.  Purple linen jacket needs about another 3 hours – sew in second sleeve, sew in ends etc.  I crocheted the edgings and I think it looks good but note to self – NEVER crochet with Rowan Linen.  It splits dreadfully and it seems more pronounced when crocheting than knitting.  Winter jumper untouched ( only needs a collar but who needs a winter jumper when the temperature is still hovering between 25 and 30C?).

No knitting tonight – out with friends from England.  No knitting tomorrow night – Easter Show Preview night.  And then it’s the 31st.  So I’ve failed! 

But I won’t give up (or in).  I’ve Wednesday night and Thursday night, which should be enough.  Then I can look forward to Easter and something NEW to knit (and 800g of 4 ply 100% silk arrived in my post box today!). 

And the good news is that I may have sold the pattern for the “secret project” I posted about a couple of weeks ago – the orange cable and garter stitch ‘thing’.     

All pictures will be posted over Easter.

ETA:    It’s 800 METRES of silk (220g) not 800g.


  1. I look forward to the photos.

    Have fun tonight at the Easter Show Preview.

  2. Oooh, you’ve spoiled my fun. I was trying to imagine what you were planning to knit with 800g of silk 4 ply – matching shawls for a large bridal party? curtains for your bedroom? a very upmarket frolic of guerrilla knitting? matching silk socks for an extended family?

    I think you’ve been very productive during your self-imposed ‘no new projects’ phase – and anyway, Easter’s a much more natural deadline than the end of the month.

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