Sydney Easter Show Preview Night

30 March 2010

Great knitting . . . not so great knitting.  Items I’d like to sneak home with me . . . items my nearly 90 year old mother would deem to be too old-fashioned. 

The Easter Show had it all (including the usual really poorly displayed pieces that would have had me in tears if they’d been mine).

The winner of the night was a stunning shawl which won the “Best of Show” plus awards for the Best of Best (can’t remember what it was called) – 6 awards in all.  It was truly gorgeous, and they couldn’t even hang that properly – it was wrapped around a pole (maybe they thought it was a graffiti art entry).

The best thing for me was that I know how young some of these knitters are.  These aren’t dear old ladies producing exquisite lace – some of them are under 25.  I was able to point this out to one woman who commented on how this was a dying art.  She was VERY impressed when I told her the ages of so many of these entrants.   

I’m really looking forward to going back there next week to do the commentary for the Sticks and String podcast.  Do listen in.


  1. I can’t wait! Keep your teeth ok this year, won’t you – no toffee apples!

  2. It’s so awful that the cabinets are so empty – there are so many wonderful knitters out there (no matter what their age!!) please enter something next year or it will indeed seem that kntting is a “dying art”, which we know it isn’t but shows are a great way to prove it!!!!

  3. Hi Sally. So glad to know you’re doing your commentry for Sticks and Strings. I always enjoy hearing what you have to say. I’m glad you got to point out the ages of knitter’s to someone else. I get that comment about it being “a dying art” quite often. Good news though – one of the cafe’s up here on the central coast saw me knitting one day and pondered whether or not she might be able to draw a knitting group to her premisis…”like they do in Melbourne”.

  4. Thanks for sharing – look forward to the revelation of the winner’s name in the podcast!

  5. I’m eagerly waiting for your commentary on Sticks and String! It’s how I “found” you last year. I hope there will be pictures, too.

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