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My Husband . . . The Novelist

24 March 2010

My husband, David, may hit my arm (quite hard) during the night as he’s trying to fight off burglars in his dreams, he may sometimes quite often put his foot straight into his mouth.  But I must tell you that he’s exceptionally talented, witty, intelligent and just all round good fun (and no prompting from him to say that – promise).

Don’t forget that this is the wonderful man who got world-wide accolades for the WWKIP logo last year (and is currently working on this year’s).

AND he wrote a book (Dark Siren), which I told you about last year.  You can read about it here. 

A few weeks ago, he submitted the manuscript to Amazon for their Breakthrough Novel Award.  They took 10,000 unpublished novels in two categories (5000 each), General Fiction, and Young Adult Fiction.  The first ‘culling’ left him in the final 1000 in his category (ie 80% of the entries were knocked out), which I thought was pretty impressive.

BUT today we hear that he’s made it into the final 250!!

He’s quite a man, my husband. 

ETA:  The Amazon judges’ reviews of the synopsis and specimen chapters are now online.  Read them here.  (Scroll down page)


Cancel the Policy – He Sneezed

23 March 2010

One of my good friends, Kris, is American.  She’s also lived in the UK and now lives in Sydney.  It’s interesting to read her take on the US health reforms here.   

Hayfever classed as a “pre-existing condition”?  It would be funny if it weren’t so damaging to people’s health and well-being.


Which Passeth All Understanding

22 March 2010

There are a number of things I don’t really understand. 

I don’t understand astro-physics.  I’m not sure I really understand how a fax machine works.  I don’t understand why people believe in invisible friends.

And I don’t understand why so many Americans are appalled at the prospect of 38 million more of their fellow citizens having access to healthcare cover.

Some of the discussions I’ve come across on the internet are full of amazing vitriol and abuse.  I was told,  when extolling the virtues of the British and Australian systems,  that it would be dreadful if people who are poor, or unemployed or (Heaven forbid) illegal immigrants had access to the same sort of healthcare that those who were working and/or rich had always had to pay for. 

I was asked what happens in England, for instance, if an illegal immigrant became sick . . . does the state give him healthcare?  I was tempted to reply “No, we just let them die on the streets then send a bill to their next of kin to cover the cost of shovelling them up”.  Of course we give immigrants, illegal or otherwise, access to medical facilities.   

Reading the comments today has left me bemused, if not downright angry.  “A sad day for America with the Federal Government taking over healthcare.”   And other such ill-informed rubbish.

I know there are millions of Americans who support this, and I know many Americans myself with very strong social consciences.  I just wish they would be a bit more vocal.



Relaxing Into The Arms Of The Devil

21 March 2010

I’m not sure why I haven’t come across this before.  It came up in a conversation I had about the possibility of inviting a friend of mine, Knitdra, to hold yoga sessions at the offices of one of my clients.

Apparently, two years ago, the exorcist for the Catholic Church in England and Wales, declared that yoga for relaxation is deceptive – “an evil spirit tries to make his entry as unobtrusively as possible”.  I haven’t seen any signs of the Devil in either Knitdra or other yoga enthusiasts of my acquaintance, but, Hell, what do I know?

The two things I found interesting about this man, Father Jeremy Davies, is 1) that he’s Oxford educated and 2) that he’s an exorcist.   So a first-class education was wasted on him, then.

I’ve never really felt the urge to practise yoga but now that Father Davies has given it his seal of disapproval, it suddenly acquires a certain appeal.

I may give it a try – it sounds more fun that I imagined. 


One Down . . . Three To Go

20 March 2010

The first of the four items that I decided I MUST complete before I start anything else is now finished and ready to go.  Not terribly exciting – a stocking stitch Baby Surprise Jacket for the wife of a client (first baby).

 Baby B Jacket

Three more to go. 

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Yes, Maybe I’ll Give It A Go

19 March 2010

Writing about David asking what me what am I “trying to knit” yesterday reminded me of another recent knitting story.

I’d just acquired a rather lovely skein of merino wool from the fabulous Knitabulous and had it in my bag when I got to work.

Now everyone there knows I knit (or I thought they did) and I showed it off to the woman sitting next to me.  A new member of staff turned up as we were looking at it, said it was beautiful and asked what I was going to do with it.   I said I hadn’t decided yet.  Her reply?  “Well, perhaps you could learn to knit”.   Everyone laughed and my obsession was explained to her.  The next day I of course turned up in a cardigan I’d made and pointed out to her that I’d taken her advice and was really enjoying it.




Endearingly Honest

18 March 2010

Those of you who know my husband probably see him as a kind and polite man – and you’d be right.  He’s charming and witty and intelligent.  He’d never deliberately say anything to hurt me.

But, ACCIDENTLY . . . . he’s a master.

One evening we were watching television and I was, as usual, knitting.   He generally takes no notice and in fact I could (and have) knit surprise items for him right under his nose.  But this particular evening (and I can’t remember what I was working on), he DID notice and asked “What are you trying to knit?”  Note the TRYING TO!

For Christmas, he decided to buy me a new swimming costume.  Great idea – mine were particularly tatty and he has very good taste, but he’s hardly ever bought clothing for me.  So he announced on Christmas morning that, as he wasn’t sure what size to get, he dug out an old costume and “I know you’ve had it for quite a while so I bought the next size up”.

He doesn’t really think I’m a fat, useless knitter . . . it just comes out that way sometimes.