One Promise Kept

1 April 2010

Well, at least I managed to keep THIS promise.  I said I’d blog every day until 1st April and here we are. 

Some days haven’t been too easy (this is one of them – in Sydney it’s nearly midnight on the 1st so I only just made it).    

But it’s been fun and I’ve heard from loads of you with comments – thank you.   114 comments from 38 people.

David will do the draw in the morning and the winners of the Pompom 2010 Blogaversery Prizes will be announced tomorrow – the 3rd anniversary of my blog. 

So please come back tomorrow and find out if you’ve won.

PS:  And I’m on track to allow myself to cast on something over Easter.  Photos over the weekend.

PPS:  For those of you who expressed an interest in the design book I told you about yesterday, it cost AU$34.15 from the Book Depository.


One comment

  1. Whew! You made it. Please feel free to rest over the weekend (and cast on if you’ve a mind to!!) LOL

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