It’s Not ERNIE, But David**

2 April 2010

The competition has closed, the names randomly listed (two lists – one for Australian residents and one for residents from overseas), and each name given a number.  David then picks two numbers (without of course seeing the names – though most of the time they wouldn’t mean much to him).  The numbers were 1-30 and 1-8.

And he picked:

19 – who is MEG   

And 2 – who is PAT

Meg was in my knitting circle of friends when she lived in Sydney but she moved back to Victoria a couple of years ago.  She’s having her first baby at the end of this month – so I wouldn’t imagine she’s going to get much knitting done in the immediate future. 

And Pat is a friend I’ve made via my blog.  She lives in Dover (Delaware) in the USA and she was also the winner of the first competition I held here.  Funnily enough, we were emailing each other about half an hour before David conducted the draw. She recently lost her job when the company she was with closed and as she’s a few months older than me, and unemployment is at a nearly record high in the USA, I don’t think she held out much hope of getting another one.  But undeterred, she got out there and, lo and behold, she’s got a new job.  So congratulations on the job, and congratulations on the win.

I don’t buy the prizes until I know the winners’ names, so don’t be disappointed that you haven’t got a parcel at your front door next week.  I’ll let you know when they’ve been despatched.

Thank you all for reading this month.  Pompom now goes into its 4th year.

**  A reference that probably means little to anyone who isn’t English.  ERNIE is the Electronic Random Number Indicator Equipment that is used to pick the winners of Premium Bonds in the UK each month.  



  1. Congratulations to Meg and Pat!

  2. Yes, unemployment here is ridiculous. I’m glad Pat got the double-whammy good kharma!

  3. woot! I didn’t think i had actually commented on any of your posts in March! (I guess I can blame baby-brain)

    As you can see from the delayed reaction, I am a bit behind in my blogs – Toby and I decided to move to geelong at the last minute – see my newish blog for some details. If you want the real reasons for the move drop me a line 😛

  4. Thank you, Sally!! For the gift and for the good wishes and confidence. I’m still in the “pre-employment” stage, offer has been made contingent on passing all their tests. As I don’t expect any problems there, (they won’t even find nicotine anymore!) I expect to start on 19 April!

    Thanks again – and we’ll talk again soon.

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