I Did It!

4 April 2010

I finished the items still sitting on needles or waiting for buttons and CAST ON something new on Friday night. 

Then tonight, I pulled it off the needles and cast it on again – all 326 stitches and 4 inches of it.. 

I’m really not sure where my brain is lately. 

It’s an idea I had for a jacket with two cables up the back and one on each front.  Meticulously worked out where to put the cables so that they wouldn’t be lost in the neck or armhole decreases.  But as I fell asleep last night, it dawned on me that when they meet at the shoulder seams, they won’t match – they were about 3 stitches out. 

So I had no alternative really.  Off it came, I re-did the maths and started again. 

If I didn’t have to knit everything twice, I’d get far more done.     


  1. Oh yeah, I can relate to that (doing it twice)!

  2. Took me three goes to do a “simple” 6 inch square for the OTF Square Swap before I got the size right. My mittens pattern bit got started at least three times as well. Twice only would be a lot faster 🙂 But then, these are my most recent worst examples of false starts.

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