And The Window Dresser Of The Year Award . . . .

11 April 2010

Does NOT go to the person who displays the knitted items at the Sydney Easter Show.

Everyone complains at the dreadful way so many of these items are displayed – we’ve had upside down, back to front, and hung up with fishing wire and hooks.  I was told by the ‘officials’ at the show that they’re “Professional window dressers”.  She didn’t mention what type of windows they normally dress but most of the skills would appear more suited to a fishmongers or butchers.

I think the best example this year was how this shawl became this:


It’s the black one.

And this gives you a ‘feel’ of the sweater/cardigan cabinet:


Truly dreadful.



  1. You know, I never even *noticed* Reecie’s shawl there. I remember the cream/brown/grey one behind it… And Merrin’s jumper was upside down (brown one, far right, cut off the side of the pic) – truly ridiculous. You wouldn’t want to enter anything made from Habu yarn, that’s for sure…

  2. My guess is they are “professionals” in retail and don’t care about displaying the items so knitters can admire the handiwork, etc.

  3. That’s awful! I think someone like a fashion archivist or museum fashion display person would do a better job. That’s just no way to display precious knitwear.

  4. Sad. Very, very sad. No shawl should be treated like that. And those sweaters/jumpers look like they’re writhing in pain.

  5. One of the last times I entered a show, they used a ‘professional’ window dresser. I entered a suit and some socks. The suit was displayed with some screwed up paper where the abdomen would be. I asked the stewards was it meant to be a seven months pregnancy or a beached whale? The socks were stuffed rigid and displayed vertically, like a pair of ugg boots.

    Shows like this are old fashioned, boring and irrelevant and that’s how they advertise knitting.

  6. Yeah, I’m counting down the days until I can go and rescue my shawl. I shall be writing a letter to express my disappointment. Thanks for linking to the pictures of my shawl where it’s actually possible to see what it’s supposed to like 🙂

  7. Some of you may know me from here as Sally’s sister. I’m writing with some sad news and this is the only way I can make contace with Sally’s friends, particularly outside Australis, who may not have heard her news. She had a fall in the street on Monday 12th, breaking her hip, and is having surgery as I write this.

    As I don’t have your email addresses, if any of you want to email me, I’ll keep you up to date with her progress until she’s well enough to get in touch herself.

    Mine is jeoliver2002@hotmail.com.

  8. Sally, I trust you will be reading this soon – I’m sending hugs your way – I’m trusting Lara to give them to you.
    I know you will be undaunted by this setback – but please don’t boss the medical staff around too much.

    Jussi x x

  9. That is nasty. My good wishes for a speedy recovery go to you. Saw Lara’s entry so popped over here.

  10. Oh no! Can totally relate to the hip surgery thing … I hope you’re on the mend super fast Sally. BIG HUGS.

    And yes, those displays at the Show are pathetic.

  11. hoping you get well soon!

  12. Thank goodness I hadn’t had breakfast before I looked at the pictures. I see what you mean! Heck even I could do better!!

  13. sally, best wishes for your recovery , so sorry to hear about your fall. see you in the blue mountains when you are better .

  14. Hi, Sally, I just listened to the latest episode of Sticks & String and realized what a great job you do keeping David in line. With the Easter show reviewed, that part of your year could be finished, but keep an eye on him, please.

    I hope your recovery time is not too onerous and that you can stay as busy as you like all the while. We who live far away are depending on those local to you to keep you amused!

    Does anybody know how to display those knits to advantage? Revolving manikins might do it.

  15. Sally,

    I so enjoy your commentary with David on the Easter Show and was sadden to hear of your fall. Please know there are a pile of knitters around the world wishing you a speedy recovery.

    Wauwatosa, WI, USA

  16. Get well soon!

  17. I have to agree the displays are terrible. I live in a farming area of Maryland, USA and every fall we have a rather large county fair. There are many knitted items displayed, and they are displayed much better than this. Shawls are displayed properly and not distorted. I have not entered any items for a while, but would not worry about them if I did. If I were entering items in the Easter Show I would certainly complain. Perhaps if people would stop entering, they would get the idea, but then that is not fair to the knitters.

  18. thank you so much for posting the “before display” black shawl link — if I were that woman, I would have wept at the “final” showing at the Show.

    We (all of us around the world who listen to the annual Sally-David House of Knitting Broadcast) already know of past display issues, but I am truly confounded by the fact that it continues year after year, in spite of you trying to help. Sigh.

    But I am REALLY offended by the fact many of the items seem to be draped over other items — not just the shawl, but in the pullover/sweater section, too. Do they need to get more cabinets — is it a space issue? People have put so much time, love and effort into each item entered, and I find it insulting that some items are partially draped by another person’s work. It is really too bad.

    Anyway, I sent you good healing wishes in your posting above — hope you are out of hospital by now and starting to slug through that awful but necessary PT.

  19. Hi Sally! I just heard from David of Sticks and String, about your fall! How frustrating for you! I am praying that you make a sift recovery.
    I see what you mean about the show! I listened to your reports last year, but did not look at the pictures…….. boy you do NOT exagerate! It really is too bad! Maybe you should complain to the manager of the show. How can anyone judge the beauty of the wonderful things people have taken many hours of love and hard work to create?
    1. It is not fair to the crafters.
    2. It is not fair to the judges (I hope they aren’t responsible for the way things are shown!).
    3. It is not fair to the public who come to view them.

    Maybe it should be left to the crafters to display their own work as it seems that whoever is responsible at the moment doesn’t really want the job!

  20. Oh my, this really is horrible! If I lived locally, there is no way I’d even submit anything because I’d be afraid that something like a fishing hook would pull my stitches loose or even rip yarn! Yikes. What a shame. Even if something doesn’t suit my tastes, someone worked very hard on a piece and is very proud of what they’ve done and it cannot even be properly seen. Pity.

    P.s. Very very happy to hear that you’re up and around. I listen to David Reidy’s podcast and I was sorry to hear of your accident. Best wishes for quick healing. 🙂

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