Home and Hobbling

30 April 2010

After 16 days in hospital, they sent me home.  With crutches.  I can do a few things for myself, very slowly, but am so dependent on my incredibly capable and kind husband for most of my needs – like food, for instance.   Fortunately he’s not only a great cook but he loves it (and I don’t).  The division of labour in our house has always been that he does the cooking and I do the knitting – seems fair and equitable to me.

I’m still heavily dependent on my friends though to provide me with a bit of company and to allow David to “do his own thing” without having to worry about me.  I can’t really be left alone at the moment as I’m petrified I’ll fall over.  I have no family in Australia, except for David, so my friends have been my lifeline to the outside world.  Everyone has been so incredibly kind and generous with their time that I’ll never be able to truly thank them.  I just hope that when they need a friend, I won’t be found wanting.

Now that I’m at home, I can catch up with what’s been going on in the world.  Fortunately one of the most comfortable places for me to sit is at my computer so I’m able to read the news and gossip.  I’m getting stronger every day so I’m sure it won’t be too long before I can get out and about.  In the meantime, there’s loads of knitting to be done, so it isn’t all bad!

Thank you all so much for your kind messages, so many of which I’ve received from complete strangers who have been listening to the Sticks and String podcasts. 

Thank you everyone.




  1. Welcome home, Sally. It is always a relief to sleep in your own bed after a spell in hospital.

  2. Welcome home Sally with hopefully speedy recovery 😀

  3. Get well soon

  4. Sally, it’s so good that you’re home again and getting stronger by the day. And that’s what friends are for – one of my neighbours saved my life when I had 2 littlies under 4, a new baby and post-natal depression – we’re still friends despite her having moved interstate when my baby was 18 months – and I will forever be grateful to her for her kindness and love when I had no family who could help. Enjoy the coddling from David and your friends – and keep knitting!

  5. Hi Sally, it’s good to hear from you, rather than about you. Glad you’re home. Take care and rest and get better. Hmmm..meals and no preparation by ypu? Sounds wonderful. Enjoy the computer chair and your knitting.

    As to falling, my doctor cousin did research on this some years ago on a grant in England. He said many think they fell and broke hip, when in reality they fell because the hip broke. This may not be the case with you at all, but it’s something to think about. As i said, take comfort in loving care and get better.

  6. What a relief it must be for you to be home! I hope you are able to get out and about soon – but thank goodness for the internet and how it helps us keep in contact with what’s going on!

  7. It’s so good to have you out of hospital and blogging again. I can’t imagine your wry and perceptive wit has been damaged by the fall, so I’m looking forward to hearing it in action again.

    All my best wishes.

  8. OMG, I’m astonished that you’re only JUST home! That was a long stay!

    Crutches are so difficult, you can’t carry a blasted thing, and it’s easy to trip on the edges of rugs and stuff. One thing I found useful was a soft bag with long handles to hang around my neck and carry bits and pieces in. A well-sealing travel mug can make it possible to get your own cup of tea and carry it in the neck bag to the couch.

    I also found elbow crutches MUCH more comfortable after my hip surgery than the regular ‘under the arm’ ones. They’re easy to find at chemists with disability supplies, and not too expensive.

    I wish I could come up and SEE you >.<

  9. Yay! Will call tomorrow to sort out a suitable time for a visit 🙂


  10. So glad to hear you’re home again – much more comfortable. My cold has just about gone so might be able to get to visit sometime without fear of passing on icky germs.

    Lots of love and hugs for a speedy healing process

  11. Welcome home.

  12. I’m a bit behind on Sticks & String, and am just finding out about your plight. I trust recovery will continue to go well, and pray you’ll be up and around soon!

  13. Good to hear that you’re home, hope the hip heals good and proper soon.

  14. Now I’m safely home in London I am catching up with blogs and am very sorry to read about your accident. Very glad to hear that you are recovering. It was a pleasure to meet you in Sydney and I hope you are soon dashing around again.

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