A Dying Art . . . Part 2

14 May 2010

So a Shetland Island Councillor thinks that knitting is a “dying art”.   

But in September, the Islands are hosting an international knitting conference!  The organisers are hoping it will “foster study and promote the revival of the craft”. 

“Foster study”?  Not in the Shetland Island Schools, it won’t.  “Revival of the craft”?  Perhaps they could discuss this with the Shetland Island Councillors who don’t appear to be aware of any such revival.

And to top it all, the Chief Executive of the Shetland Islands Council, who was appointed in the middle of last year, has been sacked at a cost of 300,000 pounds (which includes a 250,000 pound golden handshake, I believe)!!  That would pay for a few knitting teachers.

One of my blog readers wrote a letter to the Shetland News about this, as a result of which I’ve had lots of visits from Shetland News readers.  Welcome!  If there’s anything we can do to help this situation from the other end of the world, please let me know.  There are a lot of very active knitters down here who acknowledge the massive contribution that the Shetland Islands have played in the history of knitting.  We can’t join you on the picket-line but we can be very vocal in other ways.



  1. Hey Sally,
    while I was not published, I wrote too!!!
    I hope they get quite a shock at the response of knitters around the globe to their local problem.

    • Gemma – you did get “published” your letter is on the website in the Letters section.

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