Me Lazy

25 May 2010

In March, while working full-time plus having a fairly active and fun social life, I posted to this blog everyday.

In May, while not working at all and having practically no social life, being confined to the house with crutches, I posted on this blog six times.

I also have lots of jobs to do at home which are within my current capabilities.  Have hardly touched them. 

Which just proves what so many people think – if you want something doing, ask someone who’s busy.

Certainly don’t ask me.



  1. Sally – you are the last person I would describe as being lazy! You are convalescing at the moment which is very time consuming and requires a lot of energy. And if it does manifest itself as laziness – so what?

  2. Sally I know what you mean. I was in a car accident almost a year ago, I still am not able to do somethings. You will get what you need done, it may just take a little longer. Give yourself a break, I know it is hard but you can do it. Active people are the hardest on themselves. All of this will pass and you will be back to going and doing before you known it.

  3. You are very hard on yourself Sally! You are recovering from an accident and serious surgery. Give yourself a break! (Ha Ha) I think that the shorter times we spend in hospital these days don’t do us any favours: once we’re home we tend to feel we should be ‘back to normal’. We’re not!

  4. I think M-H has something there. Some recuperation would have once happened in hospital. My sister was sent home the day after a very major breast cancer operation. A nurse had to call to do dressings etc. Being home is not necessarily meaning life is back to normal.

    Again, it was no small thing to happen to you. Whether you realise it or not, there is more than just physical recovery involved after such an accident and surgery.

    I was astounded how long I took to recover from pneumonia 18 months ago and felt somewhat of a fraud that I wasn’t up and “doing” very quickly.

    Take care, it will take time.

  5. I think you’re supposed to be resting! 😉

  6. Hi Sally

    I broke my arm on 9 May and spent the next 4 days sleeping! Be kind to yourself and listen to your body….it needs time out!

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