“Beauty Tips” by Pompom

26 May 2010

Twice in the last week I’ve met up with friends socially (Hurray!).  And everyone tells me how well I look.

Not in a “You look good for someone who’s been so ill” type of way.  But rather  “You’re looking fantastic.  Your skin looks great and your eyes sparkle”.

So there’s my beauty tip for the month.

Fracture your hip, spend two weeks in hospital, take hefty doses of painkillers for 5 weeks or so.

Because you’re worth it!


  1. Is this what’s known as “pampering”? (Isn’t that a horrible word!?)

  2. oh yes it’s all of that “relaxing” you have been doing!

    glad to hear you are mending well

  3. Perhaps it’s the “I don’t have work stress” kind of beauty. Or the “time for me” kind? LOL

  4. I’m not sure it’ll catch on, LOL 😉

    Hope you’re healing well …

  5. Sally!
    I think that is getting beautiful the hard way! Who can stand to sit still and rest that much unless they are drugged? LOVED your commentary with David on the show in Sydney. Am so glad you are better!

    susan93940m on Ravelry

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