WWKIP – the Prizes

28 May 2010

I think WWKIP Day is worth attending this year just for the opportunity to win a great prize (as well as, of course, having fun and making new friends).  People and companies have been SO generous in offering prizes for the competitions.

So far we have (in no particular order):

Mosman Needlecraft – A WONDERFUL basket of goodies (you may have seen the one we got last year).  Not sure what’s in it but definitely some Malabrigo and Koigu

Knitabulous Yarns  –  Ailsa’s FANTASTIC hand-dyed yarn

Kaalund Yarns  –  A gift voucher to spend at the Darling Harbour Show (the week after WWKIP)

Celia’s Basket  –  Celia’s SUPERB hand-dyed yarn

Greta’s Handcraft Centre – A gift voucher to spend at the shop in Lindfield

Stitches and Craft Show – Tickets for the show in Sydney, August

Sarah Durrant – Gift voucher to spend online or at the Darling Harbour Show

Morris & Sons   –  KnitPro Sock Blockers and ‘Yummy” sock yarn from FibroNatura

Yarn Workshop  –  Set of 8 KnitPro Symfonie straight needles, in case

Private donation  –  Two Touch Yarns scarf kits

There are TWO competitions this year.  It’s extremely difficult to think of competitions where access to the internet is NOT an advantage and where the entry is either right or wrong (and it’s knitting related).   

The first competition fits those criteria and the winner will win the Mosman Basket – there will be 2nd and 3rd prizes as well.

The second competition is a bit of a silly one, with 2 or 3 prizes depending on the number of entries (Please don’t feel you HAVE to enter either competition).  Bring along some yarn and needles – just small amounts (and if you have any spare small amounts, would you be willing to bring some extra for those who didn’t bring anything?)  This competition is totally judgmental (eg this entry is better than this entry) but I’ll do my best to find a fairly independent judge for it!

The rest of the prizes will be distributed by lottery, so everyone has 3 chances to win something.

Tea and coffee will be available for donation to costs.  And we have canvas tote bags, with this year’s logo, available for sale at $7 each (a wonderful price because we have support from the wonderful folks at Yarn Magazine).  We also have support this year from the City of Sydney, who are providing us with the venue.

For all details about time and place, see my post here.

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  1. Sounds wonderful – wish I was within travelling distance of Sydney so we could come and play. I have been a little envious when I see how many knitters have shown up to the Sydney KIP the last few years – we are a small group who do it in public down here in Geelong.

  2. I regret that I am not able to be there but WM desperately needs a break from the weekly grind so we are going away for four days!

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