Back To The Knitting

8 July 2010

I can’t believe that I haven’t blogged for so long but I’ve been really busy.  This rehabilitation lark is really time-consuming.  Last week I had FIVE medical appointments.

But I HAVE been knitting and now that I’ve the use of at least one hand (I’m using one crutch or one walking stick at the moment), I can block items and photograph them. 

I wanted to knit a scarf for a lovely woman I’d been working with for only 3 weeks when I had the accident.  She held my hand, she came with me to hospital, phoned David and stayed with me until he arrived.  When she started the job I don’t think she realised that this is what it would involve, and I’m truly grateful.  I didn’t know her well enough to discover her colour preferences so I played totally safe and made it in black and grey.

It’s the Scrappy Lengthwise Scarf knitted with Bendigo Woollen Mills Alpaca – a lovely yarn by the way – very soft.


  1. Hi Sally –

    Got your parcel today – love the yarn. Green and Cashmere – YUM!

  2. How clever of you to knit that pattern in monochrome – it looks stunning. I think I’ll revisit the pattern one day and do the same!

    BTW, I’m working through your posts from where I left off last June so that would explain all the “late” comments. And I’m back blogging again too.

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