The Ingrid Shawl

10 July 2010

Ingrid 2

Another bit of knitting from when I was in hospital.  A friend, Ingrid, came to visit me and brought the yarn (hand-dyed by her), the pattern (Multnomah), the needles and stitch markers.  Everything I’d need to get knitting.  That was a perfect present for a knitter stuck in hospital. 

I messed up the last few rows (I blame the drugs again) so just cast off.  It looked pretty dreadful, which I realised when the effects of all those opiates had worn off, so I was a very good little knitter, ripped it back a few rows and finished it properly.  Love it.

 Ingrid 1


  1. Ooh, that’s beautiful!

    The yarn, and all those even little stitches…

  2. It’s lovely!

  3. Oh my,that is just gorgeous!

  4. Also, I’m enjoying listening to your comments about the Easter Show on David Reidy’s podcast. I’m a little behind the times I guess.

  5. The name of this pattern brought bck wonderful memories of visiting the Multnomh Falls in Oregon. It is a bit waterfall-ish, don’t you think?

  6. That is absolutely gorgeous, Sally! Well done!

  7. Wow, you are the quick knitter – well done. The yarn is Kiama (50% silk 50% wool).

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