Uneventful Knitting

14 July 2010

When I was rushed into hospital, I of course had some knitting with me – a simple garter stitch shawl with lace edging.  Unfortunately, on the train into work that morning, I’d finished the garter stitch and was looking forward to starting the lace that evening.

It was not to be but despite being in a hospital bed at St Vincent’s hospital, doped up to the eyeballs with some form of morphine, I carried on regardless.  Needless to say, it was a complete mess.  At the end of each row the stitch count was completely out but I carried on unperturbed.  A few days later I looked at this dreadful mess and did the decent thing – I ripped it back to the garter stitch bit.  I decided that dealing with lace was a bit beyond me at that point so just put a ruffle on it and cast off. 

The yarn, Tanis (it’s Canadian) was given to me as a kind present from a friend last birthday. I’ve called it the St Vincent’s Shawl and I’m sure she won’t mind if I give it to charity.


I’ve also knitted, while convalescing, a baby jacket and hat for the new baby of a friend (sex unknown at the time of knitting but it was a boy).  Just a very simple jacket which I made to practise the art of knitting single row stripes.  The hat, knitted in the round, I had to knit very quickly so just put in random stripes.     

DB Jacket

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