The Private World of Ms Fexc3

18 July 2010

I’ve spent a great deal of time since my accident communicating with an insurance company. And I’ve dealt with a helpful and polite representative there, who I shall call Anne Smith.

The Occupational Therapist at the hospital also had to contact her but informed me that Anne would not give her last name “for privacy reasons”. She’d given it to David, so I passed it on.

All correspondence I’ve had from Ms Smith since then has been rather strange. She no longer calls herself Anne Smith. She’s now Anne Fexc3 (I kid you not)!

My privacy of course has completely flown out of the window – I’ve given them very personal information which only just falls short of the complete details of my sex life.

I therefore don’t really feel inclined to respect the privacy issues of Ms Fexc3 – she’ll always be Ms Smith to me.

One comment

  1. Hi Sally,

    I have listened to you chat with David for a very long time regarding the Easter Shows and the knitting displays. I am glad you are recovering from your fall and am laughing slightly. I can’t imagine what my knitting would look like if I was on drugs for a broken hip. Hard enough to concentrate without drugs! Good luck and hope your convalescence goes well.


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