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Hear, Hear!

21 August 2010

Mike Carlton in the Sydney Morning Herald this morning:

“THE most depressing thing about this election has been the race to the bottom.

Both sides have been frantic to appease focus groups of bogan “aspirationals” who fear their ceilings will explode at any minute, that an Afghan village is about to move in next door and that, without another truckload of middle-class welfare, the new jet ski will remain beyond reach.

The rest of us can get stuffed.”

Read his whole column here (including a run down of the possible front bench should the worst happen today).


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Wish Australia Luck!

20 August 2010

Tomorrow (Saturday) in Australia, we have a Federal Election – but if you live in Australia, you’ll probably already have noticed this. 

I’ve watched endless ‘debates’ (that’s what they’re called – that ISN’T what they are), numerous television interviews and diligently read the newspapers and pamphlets shoved into my letterbox. 

I’m NOT a fan of Tony Abbott – he really is someone only a mother could love.  This is the man who said that climate change is “crap”, we would have a parental leave scheme “over his dead body”, and he wouldn’t encourage his three daughters to have the cervical cancer vaccination (he believes it encourages promiscuity though I think the risks of developing cervical cancer later in life are not high in the minds of teenage girls fuelled up with alcohol on a Saturday night).  He’s wavering a bit about climate change, because he realises it’s of concern to voters, and now wants to introduce a parental leave scheme (ditto).

His visions for Australia are totally myopic.  He’s negative, petty and cruel.

“They’ve f*****d up  –  vote for us” doesn’t sound like much of an election policy to me.

 Good luck to all of us tomorrow.l




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Normal Service Has Been Postponed – Again!

15 August 2010

I seem to be getting out of the habit of blogging.  Am I running out of things to talk about?  (Noise of laughter around the blogisphere! – I broke my hip not my vocal chords) 

Am I knitting?  Yes, I’ve finished two Citron shawls in the last two weeks and have just about finished a summer shawl of my own design.  Have I taken any photographs?  No. (But on top of everything else, I’ve just spent the best part of the week in bed with some sort of flu virus so I have a good excuse).

Is there nothing going on in the world that interests me?  Well, we’re in the middle of a Federal Election here but you’d have to be stretching your imagination a bit to call it “interesting”. 

I think it may just be lethargy and the loss of my normal routine over the last 4 months.  I still can’t pop out to see friends whenever I feel like it, or run down to the shops.  I hobble to and from work which is incredibly tiring.  I still have medical appointments and physio every week.  And then I got flu, the first bout I’ve had in the 7 years I’ve lived in Oz.  I just don’t have much energy left for the fun things in life but hopefully this will return soon

As will my blogging.  I’m looking forward to it already.


The Things He Says

3 August 2010

David (just before my birthday party): “I suppose all your knitting friends will give you yarn for your birthday.  That’s the problem when people know you have a hobby”.


I get expensive and beautiful yarn and he thinks that’s a problem.  

And what did I get?  I haven’t taken any photos yet but just to whet your appetite, here goes:

Madelinetosh sock yarn, Fibreworks Merino 4ply, Wollmeise Twin, Touch Yarns Possum & Wool, Wellerhoff Lace and Skinny Bugga.  8 skeins in all. PLUS a gift voucher to buy even more yarn!

David doesn’t appreciate that the only problem I’ve got is where to start.  There are all sorts of problems with ageing, but being given fantastic yarn just doesn’t rank among them.

On top of that, I had some lovely knitting goodies like fantastic buttons, beads, shawl pins, brooches,  notebooks, a gorgeous Haapsalu shawl book, a stunning knitting (or dirty weekend!) bag and a (handmade) project bag with matching tool purse.  And biscuits, coffee, hot chocolate, beautiful mugs.  From David a very elegant watch and from my sister a gorgeous gold pendant.

And I mustn’t forget the photograph I got of the gift I’ll get when the postman eventually delivers it! 

I’ve had some pretty dreadful problems this year, David. Being stocked up with yarn for the next 12 months really isn’t one of them.

Thank you everyone!