The Things He Says

3 August 2010

David (just before my birthday party): “I suppose all your knitting friends will give you yarn for your birthday.  That’s the problem when people know you have a hobby”.


I get expensive and beautiful yarn and he thinks that’s a problem.  

And what did I get?  I haven’t taken any photos yet but just to whet your appetite, here goes:

Madelinetosh sock yarn, Fibreworks Merino 4ply, Wollmeise Twin, Touch Yarns Possum & Wool, Wellerhoff Lace and Skinny Bugga.  8 skeins in all. PLUS a gift voucher to buy even more yarn!

David doesn’t appreciate that the only problem I’ve got is where to start.  There are all sorts of problems with ageing, but being given fantastic yarn just doesn’t rank among them.

On top of that, I had some lovely knitting goodies like fantastic buttons, beads, shawl pins, brooches,  notebooks, a gorgeous Haapsalu shawl book, a stunning knitting (or dirty weekend!) bag and a (handmade) project bag with matching tool purse.  And biscuits, coffee, hot chocolate, beautiful mugs.  From David a very elegant watch and from my sister a gorgeous gold pendant.

And I mustn’t forget the photograph I got of the gift I’ll get when the postman eventually delivers it! 

I’ve had some pretty dreadful problems this year, David. Being stocked up with yarn for the next 12 months really isn’t one of them.

Thank you everyone!


One comment

  1. Sounds as if the birthday week has been wonderful!

    Wish we could have been there, but so pleased YOU were better for it.

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