Wish Australia Luck!

20 August 2010

Tomorrow (Saturday) in Australia, we have a Federal Election – but if you live in Australia, you’ll probably already have noticed this. 

I’ve watched endless ‘debates’ (that’s what they’re called – that ISN’T what they are), numerous television interviews and diligently read the newspapers and pamphlets shoved into my letterbox. 

I’m NOT a fan of Tony Abbott – he really is someone only a mother could love.  This is the man who said that climate change is “crap”, we would have a parental leave scheme “over his dead body”, and he wouldn’t encourage his three daughters to have the cervical cancer vaccination (he believes it encourages promiscuity though I think the risks of developing cervical cancer later in life are not high in the minds of teenage girls fuelled up with alcohol on a Saturday night).  He’s wavering a bit about climate change, because he realises it’s of concern to voters, and now wants to introduce a parental leave scheme (ditto).

His visions for Australia are totally myopic.  He’s negative, petty and cruel.

“They’ve f*****d up  –  vote for us” doesn’t sound like much of an election policy to me.

 Good luck to all of us tomorrow.l




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  1. well I am seriously considering voting for the sex party…

  2. LOL. That slogan sounds the same here in the USA but without the profanity.

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