Hear, Hear!

21 August 2010

Mike Carlton in the Sydney Morning Herald this morning:

“THE most depressing thing about this election has been the race to the bottom.

Both sides have been frantic to appease focus groups of bogan “aspirationals” who fear their ceilings will explode at any minute, that an Afghan village is about to move in next door and that, without another truckload of middle-class welfare, the new jet ski will remain beyond reach.

The rest of us can get stuffed.”

Read his whole column here (including a run down of the possible front bench should the worst happen today).


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  1. “Race to the bottom” – how very apt.

    There have been only three things that have made the ‘campaign’ bearable, in no particular order:

    Good News Week.

    Gruen Nation

    Yes, we Canberra!

    Thanks to all concerned for taking the edge off the gruesomeness of it all

    Gae, in Callala Bay

  2. Oh, Sally! My fingers are crossed for all of you.

  3. Race to the bottom? Most definitely. I was amazed how many groups I wanted at the bottom of my NSW Senate voting paper with its 84 spaces. Talk about preferences LOL. I think I filled in the bottom half first. Now look what has happened. We’ll probably have to do it all over again within 12 months.

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