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Yes, I’m Still Here

25 September 2010

I seem to have forgotten that I’ve got a blog.  I LIKE having a blog.  So why don’t I write more?  No idea.  I just appear to have got out of the habit.

It isn’t as though there haven;t been loads of things going on that usually make me rush to the keyboard. 

We spent two weeks in Australia waiting to see who would be governing us for the immediate future.  That was a situation which was frustrating, sometimes a little bizarre and occasionally funny but not a word from me. 

The Pope made a highly-publicised visit to the UK and that would normally stir me up – I read a great Tweet which I should have passed on but didn’t.  “So the Pope’s security is going to cost 20 million pounds. I’m OK with that as long as it keeps the kids safe”

I knitted.  Boy, did I knit.  In the last few weeks, I’ve made 8 children’s hats, two Citrus shawls and two Tam O’Shanters.  I did the Tams because I’ve never made one before and am going through an “experimental” stage, trying a few new things.  No photographs and anyway there’s nothing there really that anyone would be interested in seeing.  I’m now working on a couple of summer tops. 

I was appointed Publicity Officer for the Knitters’ Guild and if I can’t publicise becoming a Publicity Officer, what can I publicise? 

In March every year, I blog every day so I’ve decided that this year I’ll do the same in October.  That should get my mojo working again.  So be warned.  Lots from me in the near future.  .