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The End Of The Month

31 October 2010

I promised to post every day in October to make up for the way I’d ignored my blog so much over the last few months.

And I did it!  Well, no, I didn’t actually. I missed three days but I don’t suppose anyone noticed except me.  One day I wasn’t feeling well and on another occasion we went away for the weekend and I left myself too little time to set up some posts to upload while I was away.

But at least I’ve now got back into the habit and thoroughly enjoying it.  Sorry no pics but my camera has packed up.  I’m going to have to treat myself to a new one so I’ll do some pic-heavy posts as soon as I’ve got a new camera and worked out how to use it.

I’ve had a very busy knitting month – and absolutely no pictures to show for it. 


Did It Work?

30 October 2010

Last night I was approached by a man, outside Central Station, who handed me a leaflet.  I glanced at it, noticed that it was asking me to accept Jesus as my saviour and handed it back, quite politely, explaining that I wasn’t interested as I’m an atheist.

He asked me if I believed that God could answer my prayers.  I wondered which particular part of “I AM AN ATHEIST” he wasn’t able to understand. 

Noticing my walking stick, he then said he’d pray for an immediate cure of whatever ailed me and proceeded to do so.  I suppose I should have just walked away but I was trying to be polite and I was intrigued. He finished his short prayer and told me that I would be cured.

And you’ll never guess what happened when I woke up this morning?

Yep, you’re right.  Absolutely nothing.  Still limping – still very uncomfortable – still a bit painful if I over-exert myself.

I may be an atheist but I’m not a STUPID atheist and even I know that a belief in the power of prayer isn’t supposed to work exactly like that (or why doesn’t he just go to his local hospital and clear all the beds of patients?)

David isn’t quite as tolerant as I am (tolerant?  I know some of you don’t think that but believe me, he really is less tolerant).  He couldn’t understand why I didn’t just tell him to keep taking the tablets.


Has Anyone Ever Told You?

29 October 2010

I suppose we all like to think we’re unique.  But apparently I’m not.

All my life I’ve apparently resembled other people.  When I was in my 20s a fairly famous English actor came up to me in the foyer of a London theatre and gave me a kiss.  He thought I was Francesca Annis and I suppose I did look a bit like her at that age but as we’ve both grown older, there’s really no similarity at all.

In the last couple of years, I’ve now it would appear begun to resemble Susan Sarandon.  A complete stranger came up to me about 18 months ago and apologised for mentioning it but said she presumed I was told that all the time.  A few days ago, I met someone else who told me that.  So today I looked up photos of Susan to see if I could see the resemblance myself.  In the latest photos of her, I could see what people mean and I showed one of them to a colleague at work.  I asked her who the photo reminded her of and without hesitation she said “You”. 

I don’t mind.  I like Susan Sarandon – her mind and her looks.  But many years ago, I had a rather weird experience with someone thinking I looked like someone else.  I was about 26 and in a nightclub in Queensland.  I’d become friendly with a couple who were on their honeymoon.   I remember the conversation practically word for word:

Him: “You really remind me of a famous actor”  Me. preening, wondering who it was.

Him:  “I just can’t remember his name”.  Me, thinking “His??”

Him:  “Oh, I remember – Omar Sharif”.  

Omar Sharif????  Even if he didn’t have jet black hair, extremely dark sunken eyes and a MOUSTACHE,  I really couldn’t see any similarity.

So, for those of you who haven’t met me, you get the picture – I’m a cross between Francesca Annis, Susan Sarandon and Omar Sharif.

You hear people say things like “When they made so-and-so, they threw away the mould”.  Apparently they kept my mould and just keep re-using it.



And They Say Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees

28 October 2010

So the ANZ Bank has just announced a profit of AU$5.13 billion!  Even the Coalition, the party of capitalism and big business, is critical of the way the banks (not just the ANZ) are operating in this country. For instance, they raise interest rates on home loans even when the Reserve Bank HASN’T increased the rate.  And the head of the ANZ, Mike Smith, just doesn’t understand.  He claims he has a successful business so what’s the problem? 

When I came out here from England in 2003, I opened a bank account of course (with the ANZ funnily enough) – just an ordinary account for normal day to day banking business.  I was told this would cost $10 a month, I think they said.  I was a bit taken aback – I’ve never paid for a personal bank account in my life.  Do they pay interest on this account?  No.  They have my money, they invest it to their advantage and they charge me for the privilege. 

Now I must say that I haven’t contributed greatly to this $5.13 billion but a little bit of that is mine.    But the only way I’m going to see any of it is if I become a shareholder (or the Chief Executive).


My Friend – May She Be In Hospital For A Very Long Time

27 October 2010

I don’t very often post on my blog about my friends, except in general terms, mainly because they may find it embarrassing. Also because I’ve such great friends that it would be unfair to pick one out for a special mention.

But today I’ll make an exception.

I’ve just returned from visiting Lara in hospital where she’s awaiting the birth of her second child.  She has a little boy, Inigo, and a few weeks ago was pleased to discover that she was pregnant again.  That then turned to absolute shock when she was told she was carrying twins.  I won’t go into all the details of the medical problems, but one of the twins died.  She’s now 26 weeks’ pregnant and confined to hospital. 

I’m surprised she’s not going mad, but she appeared relatively sane (except at mealtimes when she wonders what exactly it is that’s being served to her!).  She has a mobile and an iPad so is able to keep in contact with the outside world, and she’s got quite a bit of knitting on the go. 

I know a lot of you know Lara and I’m sure she’d love to see you if you can find time to pop into Westmead Hospital to say hello.  If you’d like to visit and want more details, leave a comment for me here and I’ll email you with her ward details.  Having quite recently had a spell in hospital myself, I know how much it helped me to know that I wasn’t out of sight and out of mind.

When friends are in hospital, you hope their stay will be as short as possible.  In this case, I know we all hope she’ll be there for weeks so that baby has the best chance possible.





STILL Thinking of Easter 2011

26 October 2010

Thank you to RoseRed, who pointed me in the direction of a new category in the Arts Schedule for the Royal Easter Show – Homewares.

The first class in this section is Most Creative Apron – I suppose I could knit one but not sure about that.

The second class is Most Creative Tea Cosy – not really my thing.

But I could enter the third class which is:

 CLASS 94 – Mixed Media Garment or Article. Various techniques can be used including knitting, crochet, tatting, felting, embroidery, beading etc to achieve an artistic result. Prize 1st $50





Thinking of Easter 2011

25 October 2010

The new Schedule for next year’s Easter Show is now on their website.  No great surprises in it, I’m afraid.  They’ve included accessories for the first time and started an intarsia class.  But Aran is still required to be “authentic” without any definition of the word, and silk is still classed with plant yarn, so no shawls knitted with wool/silk can be submitted.

I was hoping they’d go for the mixed media category (knitting and crochet combined) because I’d already drawn up a preliminary design.  But it’s not there.  I think one of the other shows (St Ives?) is introducing that category next year so I may go ahead with the design anyway.

It’s a start I suppose.  But I wish they’d just give the whole knitting and crochet part of the show a complete overhaul.


Taking A Step At A Time – Not Me!

24 October 2010

I’ve just spent two nights staying with friends who live on the Central Coast (of NSW, that is).  My first time away from home since my accident.  They have stairs in their house (we don’t) and I spent a lot of time walking up and down them (boy, do I know how to enjoy myself when I let my hair down!). 

But I can now walk up and down stairs like an adult – not one at a time like a small child – and I must admit I felt a frisson of pleasure at achieving another milestone.   

Now I just want to go dancing – then I’ll really feel a member of the human race again.  (Though you wouldn’t know it if you saw my dancing).


You Said What?? – (Continued)

21 October 2010

Well, I wasn’t misquoted in the Daily Telegraph.  In fact, I wasn’t quoted at all.

Perhaps I wasn’t articulate enough (forgot . . it’s the DT – maybe I was TOO articulate).

Or maybe I’m not photogenic enough.

Whatever the reason, they decided not to use my pearls of wisdom. 

Breath a bit of a sigh of relief really as I was a little scared of reading how they’d mangled my words.


You Said What??

20 October 2010

I was stopped in the street today by a journalist and photographer from the Daily Telegraph, who wanted my opinion on Julia Gillard’s announcement yesterday that Australia would probably be in Afghanistan for the next 10 years.  They have a ‘vox pop’ section everyday and it was for inclusion in that. 

They duly wrote down what I said and took my photograph (about 15 photographs actually!).

So I’ll wait until tomorrow and see what it’s been turned in to.  The last time this happened to me, about 15 years ago in England, what was printed bore no relationship to what I’d said, or my views in general.  I had so many calls from friends saying “I can’t believe you said that!”

So if it’s there tomorrow and your immediate reaction is “Surely Sally didn’t say that” then it’s likely that I didn’t.

I’ll report back tomorrow.