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7 October 2010

And I nearly didn’t make it but I DID promise I’d post daily in October.

Yukky day at work followed by being pushed aside by a man wanting to get on the train in front of me who then took the only available seat!  So I stood in front of him, leaning heavily on my stick, and asked politely if I may have that seat.  He ignored me but a young woman immediately jumped up. 

Then spent all evening working on a constitutional document – not exactly thrilling.  And NO KNITTING!

Roll on tomorrow!  It MUST be better. 



  1. It’s really interesting how very rude some men in their 50s and older can be – the generation one would think would have been inculcated with manners.

    This happens all the time, but a little while ago I stood aside to allow a very elderly woman using a walking frame to go through a narrow entrance to a store. A man of that age – perfectly able to see what was happening – tried to push past me. I said I was waiting for the woman to go in and added, “She is a little older than you or me”.

    To which he replied, “What’s that got to do with it?”. Bad enough, but he was with his wife and she said nothing. I’d chew my arm off before I’d let anyone think I condoned this sort of behaviour from my “nearest and dearest”.

  2. Once my late partner, who was very disabled, and I were on a Sydney ferry on a Saturday evening, returning from a day at Manly. We were on the end of a long row of seats, and had to stand up to let someone get out of the row. Before we could get back in (it was quite rough) a middle-aged couple in evening dress just took our seats! I’d only been in Sydney about a month, and I’d never seen such behaviour, so I stood over them (my partner was terribly embarrassed) and said, very loudly, “Hey! Give us our seats back!” Lots of people stared, and they just sat there!!! So I said “Excuse me, but those were our seats. Can’t you see she has a stick?” They then stood up, rather shame-facedly, and he mumbled something about “I thought you were leaving”. So we got our seats back and a few stray people applauded.

    You do know there are seats at the front of the bus that people are supposed to give up for less able people and you can ask the driver if they don’t? Don’t be afraid to make a fuss; most of the bus will be on your side.

  3. I too catch the train and I find it appalling how people sit on a crowded train and develop instant blindness when someone who needs the seat more is standing up. I actually got abused because I dared to use the stairs. Actaully I needed to get off the train but it seams once it became this man’s seat using the stairs as stairs was not allowed. He even continued to abuse me after I had disembaked. To quote Rove “what the????”

  4. It really is shocking, isn’t it? I’ll work hard to get a seat amongst a group of similarly able and aged people, but if someone is struggling/older/got a small kid/pregnant etc – my elbows work for them!

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