Doing My Bit

9 October 2010

With the Australian dollar practically at the same level as the US one, it would be a bit churlish of me not to help my friends in the USA and their ailing economy.

So I’ve just done my bit!

I had some “birthday money” from my mother which I haven’t spent so it’s now winging its way to Schoolhouse Press so that I can at long last own the whole set (4 books) of Barbara Walker’s Treasury.  For those of you who aren’t knitters (yes, I know there are some out there) these are the definitive works on knitting stitches. 

I mainly design my own items and had an interesting conversation about this the other week.  I think only once in the last ten years have I knitted a cardigan or sweater for me from a pattern as written and I said that it felt like “cheating”.  I’m not sure that’s quite the right word but I get as much pleasure from the idea and the logistics of putting it together as I do from the knitting.  Even as a teenager I could never knit what the pattern said.  I always wanted to change the sleeve length, add a different kind of collar, do it in a different stitch etc.  I’ve only fairly recently started to knit lace shawls and followed patterns studiously but now I’ve got a bit more confidence, I’m enjoying designing those as well.

And when these books arrive, I’ll have practically every stitch known to knitter.  Should get my mojo working!


  1. Those are lovely books. I’ve almost got all my knitting books out (and keep finding more yarn tucked into boxes and bags…). It’s lovely to have a place for it all.

  2. I’ve been collecting old knitting patterns – Vogue, etc, from the 30s to 80s. Some of them are just so elegant!

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