The Honorable Member For Warringah

11 October 2010

Tony Abbott is highly intelligent – he’s a Rhodes Scholar for heaven’s sake and those scholarships aren’t just dished out willy-nilly.

So why is he so stupid?  Why does he keep having to apologise for “the wrong choice of words”.  He wasn’t a student of English (he has both Economics and Law degrees from the University of Sydney and an MA in Politics and Philosophy from Oxford)  but, come on, he’s been in politics long enough to know that you have to choose your words carefully, every time you open your mouth (one of the many reasons I’d be a lousy politician!).

Does anyone really believe a word he says?

I used to think he was probably quite cunning but I’m quickly coming to the conclusion that the man is a fool.  And probably a nasty one, at that.



  1. For those of us outside Oz, what’s been going on?

  2. Arrrgh Sally

    the man can behave himself in short doses, say, the length of an election campaign, but he can’t manage much longer that that…and it’s back to the real Tony. I remember him at Sydney U. I think he was there during my MA, can’t remember, only that he did his best to wreck the student union.

    If this govt doesn’t fall on the floor of the House, (and he gets the election he wanted us to get right in the first place), Malcolm (missed by 1 vote) Turnbull will be back mid term.

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