Thinking of Easter 2011

25 October 2010

The new Schedule for next year’s Easter Show is now on their website.  No great surprises in it, I’m afraid.  They’ve included accessories for the first time and started an intarsia class.  But Aran is still required to be “authentic” without any definition of the word, and silk is still classed with plant yarn, so no shawls knitted with wool/silk can be submitted.

I was hoping they’d go for the mixed media category (knitting and crochet combined) because I’d already drawn up a preliminary design.  But it’s not there.  I think one of the other shows (St Ives?) is introducing that category next year so I may go ahead with the design anyway.

It’s a start I suppose.  But I wish they’d just give the whole knitting and crochet part of the show a complete overhaul.



  1. It sounds a mess. Where’s the innovative thinking? And the category for knitted laboratory animals? :@) (That’s a pig)

  2. There is a mixed media category (class 94 I think), listed, very oddly, in the Homewares section! It does say it can be a garment though. As long as the mixed media achieves an “artistic effect”!

    I agree, a complete overhaul would be nice, but at least there is some progress, which is good.

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