My Friend – May She Be In Hospital For A Very Long Time

27 October 2010

I don’t very often post on my blog about my friends, except in general terms, mainly because they may find it embarrassing. Also because I’ve such great friends that it would be unfair to pick one out for a special mention.

But today I’ll make an exception.

I’ve just returned from visiting Lara in hospital where she’s awaiting the birth of her second child.  She has a little boy, Inigo, and a few weeks ago was pleased to discover that she was pregnant again.  That then turned to absolute shock when she was told she was carrying twins.  I won’t go into all the details of the medical problems, but one of the twins died.  She’s now 26 weeks’ pregnant and confined to hospital. 

I’m surprised she’s not going mad, but she appeared relatively sane (except at mealtimes when she wonders what exactly it is that’s being served to her!).  She has a mobile and an iPad so is able to keep in contact with the outside world, and she’s got quite a bit of knitting on the go. 

I know a lot of you know Lara and I’m sure she’d love to see you if you can find time to pop into Westmead Hospital to say hello.  If you’d like to visit and want more details, leave a comment for me here and I’ll email you with her ward details.  Having quite recently had a spell in hospital myself, I know how much it helped me to know that I wasn’t out of sight and out of mind.

When friends are in hospital, you hope their stay will be as short as possible.  In this case, I know we all hope she’ll be there for weeks so that baby has the best chance possible.






  1. So sorry to hear that Lara is unwell!! Please send her my prayers for her and the baby.

  2. Thanks Sally! I does cheer me up no end to know that people remember me even though I retired from life over three months ago!

    Thank you for being such a wonderful visitor, and thanks also for the samosas – breakfast, lunch, and dinner today 🙂

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