Has Anyone Ever Told You?

29 October 2010

I suppose we all like to think we’re unique.  But apparently I’m not.

All my life I’ve apparently resembled other people.  When I was in my 20s a fairly famous English actor came up to me in the foyer of a London theatre and gave me a kiss.  He thought I was Francesca Annis and I suppose I did look a bit like her at that age but as we’ve both grown older, there’s really no similarity at all.

In the last couple of years, I’ve now it would appear begun to resemble Susan Sarandon.  A complete stranger came up to me about 18 months ago and apologised for mentioning it but said she presumed I was told that all the time.  A few days ago, I met someone else who told me that.  So today I looked up photos of Susan to see if I could see the resemblance myself.  In the latest photos of her, I could see what people mean and I showed one of them to a colleague at work.  I asked her who the photo reminded her of and without hesitation she said “You”. 

I don’t mind.  I like Susan Sarandon – her mind and her looks.  But many years ago, I had a rather weird experience with someone thinking I looked like someone else.  I was about 26 and in a nightclub in Queensland.  I’d become friendly with a couple who were on their honeymoon.   I remember the conversation practically word for word:

Him: “You really remind me of a famous actor”  Me. preening, wondering who it was.

Him:  “I just can’t remember his name”.  Me, thinking “His??”

Him:  “Oh, I remember – Omar Sharif”.  

Omar Sharif????  Even if he didn’t have jet black hair, extremely dark sunken eyes and a MOUSTACHE,  I really couldn’t see any similarity.

So, for those of you who haven’t met me, you get the picture – I’m a cross between Francesca Annis, Susan Sarandon and Omar Sharif.

You hear people say things like “When they made so-and-so, they threw away the mould”.  Apparently they kept my mould and just keep re-using it.




  1. My husband gets told he looks like Nicholas Cage a lot. In fact my brother mentioned it in his speech at our wedding!

  2. I used to get told I looked like Felicity Kendall quite often, which I was in my thirties. I didn’t mind that.

  3. At least people tell you they think you look like someone famous! I always have people coming up to me asking me if they know me from somewhere or am I so and so! I think I have a very “typical” Asia face!

  4. Omar Sharif!? Hilarious.

  5. Susan Sarandon I get but Omar? Huh???

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