When You Omit The A and the L

12 November 2010

It’s been told many times before of the occasions when Australia and Austria get confused in people’s minds.  The postal services often can’t distinguish between the two and I’ve been told by a few people of parcels coming from overseas that came via Austria because in some sorting office somewhere in the world, someone didn’t know the difference.

But I think this one is a classic.  Julia Gillard, our Prime Minister, has this week been at the G20 conference in Seoul.  The kind hosts made figurines of the world’s leaders, dressed in national costume.  Unfortunately, they didn’t QUITE get it right with our Julia and put her in Austrian national dress – pictures here.

They’ve now changed it to a very plain black dress.  I’m presuming they didn’t have an Akubra hat, some board shorts and Ugg boots. 


  1. Didn’t George W get the two countries confused when he visited Australia…?

    Looking at the picture on the link you gave, I wonder what they put David Cameron in as UK national dress? A beefeater? Morris dancer? Rolled umbrella and bowler hat banker-type?

    We didn’t see these figures in our newspapers.

  2. LOL, OOPS!! I’ve had a parcel get to me very late via Austria …

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