Dear MP for Bennelong…..

19 November 2010

Members of the House of Representatives were instructed by Parliament yesterday to consult their constituents on the matter of same-sex marriage.

SO of course I’ve written to my MP, John Alexander, to ask how he intends to implement this consultation process and to give him my opinion on the matter (to save him the trouble of contacting me as part of what ever procedure I’m sure he’ll introduce – OK … maybe I’m being a little optimistic).

I also pointed out that under the current situation, British people LIVING IN AUSTRALIA have greater civil rights here than Australia’s own citizens as, if one of the party is British, they can have a civil ceremony at the British High Commission in Sydney or Canberra.   

The majority of Australians want a change in the law and I’m quite sure that even more people really couldn’t care less one way or the other. 

Should Mr Alexander reply, I’ll let you know.



  1. Hey Sally

    Reply sent to your email.
    Thanks again for your correspondence and concern on this matter.

    Kind regards

    John Alexander (not a knitter – but may need to learn so I can make myself a scarf for this chilly Canberra mornings!)

  2. Good on you, Mr Alexander! I look forward to Sally’s sharing your reply with us.

  3. the majority do not want same sex marriage. I oppose it.

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