Dear MP For Bennelong . . . . Part 2

20 November 2010

Well, I will give John Alexander full credit for not only replying to the email I sent him only yesterday but also for picking up, presumably through a search engine, that I’d blogged about the subject.

He’s left a comment on my previous post but to save you the trouble of going to it, I’ll repeat it here:

Hey Sally

Reply sent to your email.  Thanks again for your correspondence and concern on this matter.

Kind regards

John Alexander (not a knitter – but may need to learn so that I can make myself a scarf for these chilly Canberra mornings) 

Incidentally, John, most knitters are very happy to pass on their skills so may I suggest you ask Julia Gillard if she could find the time to give you a few lessons.

I’m reassured that my Federal MP bothers to reply, with a detailed response.  I’ve written three times to my State MP without the courtesy of even an acknowledgment.

One comment

  1. I’ve had the opposite experience. I wrote to my federal MP (Peter Garrett) about marriage equality and he didn’t reply. Whereas when I have contacted my state MP (Paul Pearce) he has always replied.

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