Merry Christmas

26 December 2010

To those in the Northern Hemisphere, that is.  Down here, it’s already the 26th.  Hope all my friends are having/have had a great day.

Chez Pompom. it’s definitely what would be called a “quiet Christmas” – well how much noise can two adults make?  Despite all the warnings of rain and maybe thunderstorms, it was a beautiful day in Sydney so we took the top off the car and drove down the coast (it’s raining this morning and maybe thunderstorms later so we picked the right day).

David gave me a jewellery box but, as is usual with him, it wasn’t any old jewellery box.  I’ve never seen one more beautiful (and as he hardly ever reads my blog, I CAN be honest here so if it were ghastly I could say so!).  I haven’t sorted out my jewellery yet but every time I walk past it, I stop and have another look and a stroke.  It’s large, wooden, lacquered, stunning and elegant. 

And I gave him a sock.  Just the one.  I’ve never knitted socks before (well maybe when I was a child) but he really likes jazzy socks so I thought I was being a bit selfish not making some for him.  I followed the instructions to the letter but it looked too big to me so didn’t want to waste time knitting its partner until he tried it on.  It seemed a perfect fit, and stayed up, so tonight I’d better start on another – at least I’ll be able to knit this one in front of him. It’s OK, he didn’t just get one sock.  He also got a new phone and some books so seemed really happy. 

When the shops re-open and the sales start, I’ll buy myself a new camera as mine has finally given up the ghost.  I didn’t want to get one before Christmas JUST IN CASE, but there was no camera under the tree so I’ll have to get my own.  Then – lots of knitting pictures.  I’ve finished so many things over the last few weeks (including, of course, a sock) and want to get them up here and on Ravelry before the year end.

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your holidays.  I certainly intend to.





  1. Enjoy your time off. A new camera is also on my shopping list. I’m hoping there are still some around after 17/1 which is settlement date on my former home. I’m thinking one of the upgrades on my Olympus or possibly a Lumix G2. I have a friend lined up for a shopping trip. He knows much more than I do about such things but also knows what I need.
    A trip in car without top would have been lovely.

  2. Love what you wrote Sally, made me smile 🙂

    How’s that sock come’n on, finished yet ? ;D

    Merry Christmas to you both.

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