Highlights and Lowlights 2010 . . . Part 1

28 December 2010

I’ll start with the lowlights – as things could only get better!

* Was excluded from standing for the Guild Executive because of a bizarre legal interpretation of the rules, despite many legal brains backing me.  A lot of nastiness ensued (not emanating from me, I hasten to add).  But a highlight is that a lot of good people successfully got in, the Guild has gone from strength to strength this year and it has nearly caught up with the 21st Century.  So I’ll try again in March and hope my Guild membership will be a highlight of 2011.

*  Fell over in the street in April, fractured the neck of my femur in two places, sat at home feeling sorry for myself for 3 months and now (for the time being, at least) walk with a stick.   

*  The Federal Election – I campaigned for Maxine McKew but couldn’t do as much as I’d like because of my lack of mobility.  And she lost which was so sad. 

That’s it.  When it’s written down like that, it doesn’t look as though I’ve had a bad year but I suppose the fracture rather jaundiced my view of it as it took over my life for such a long time (and still does to a certain extent).

And my ‘funny’ of the year?  Apparently some people think that LOL means ‘lots of love’.  So a woman on the internet said she received the following text message:

“Sorry to say that Gran died this morning.  LOL. Mum”



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