Highlights & Lowlights . . . Part 2

29 December 2010

Onto highlights – as I look back on 2010, it just seems to have been riddled with problems but there have actually been some terrific times.

*   World Wide Knit In Public Day – I was in the middle of organising this when I had the accident so it all became really difficult.  A few friends kindly acted as “legs” for me and it seemed to come together on the day.  92 people turned out and I think a good time was had by all. 

*   My birthday – again wasn’t quite what I’d planned as I had been hoping to have a big party this year (special birthday).  But David once more came to the rescue and I had TWO lunch parties at home.  My house isn’t big enough for a large number of people, unless we can use the garden, and as my birthday is in July (the middle of winter here) we couldn’t guarantee the weather.  So I invited 15 people on each of two consecutive days, David cooked two great lunches and it was wonderful.  The only regret is that I couldn’t invite everyone I wanted to invite so if you got left out, I’m so sorry. 

*   Yarn!  One of the very few upsides of being in hospital is that wonderful friends brought me wonderful yarn.  Then I had a birthday and had even more wonderful yarn.  Gorgeous skeins of woolliness from around the world, most of which I’d never tried before (like the softest NZ possum which is still waiting to be turned into some special, and the most fantastic handspun sent from friends in England).  I’ve knitted like mad all year and have hardly spent a cent on yarn.  It’s a very cheap hobby if you can get all your friends to supply the basic material!

*   Friends – how on earth would I have managed this year without them?  Friends who came to the hospital, who kept me company at home, who phoned, emailed, acted as my chauffeur.  A truly wonderful group of people I feel honoured to know. 

So, all in all, not a bad year.  Thank you to everyone who made it so.


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