Highlights and Lowlights 2010 . . . Part 3

31 December 2010

It’s now New Year’s Eve in Sydney so tomorrow is another year that really can’t come soon enough for me.  I’ve a number of plans, all mainly in the “drawing board” stage, to try to ensure that next year is a bit more fun than this one was.  There were great bits, as I said a few days ago, but the whole year was overshadowed by hospital, endless physiotherapy, a painful hip and mobility problems.

The year can’t end though without the biggest ‘THANK YOU’ I can muster.  To David.  He was rather thrown by my accident – he’s never nursed anyone before, he’s never been in hospital or had an operation.  It was a completely foreign country to him.  But, boy, did he come up trumps!

He fed and watered me, he dressed me and undressed me, he bathed me.  He waited on me hand and foot when I really could do little for myself. He cuddled me when I was depressed and fed up with the whole palaver.  He welcomed the friends who helped my sanity.  He gave me TWO birthday parties.  And he never once complained (well, not to me, anyway). 

So this year hasn’t really been wonderful for him either as he’s had to devote so much of it to looking after me.  I can’t thank him enough for his love and support. 

And I wish him THE BEST year ahead.  I’ll do everything I can to make it so. 



  1. I hope 2011 provides a LOT of improvement with that wretched hip of yours … and CHAMPAGNE and FIREWORKS for David, who has been such a wonderful support to you. He’s truly a gem!

  2. Sally, David, here’s wishing you a MUCH much much better new year.

    Cheers to David for being a star, and to Sally for coping and working hard to get that leg going!

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