“And On The 7th Day . . . “

9 January 2011

We’ve been intending to get new tyres for the car for the last few weeks and the best price we found was at a company called 7 Day Tyres. 

As we were driving in that general direction today, we dropped in to buy them.  But they’re not open on Sundays.

So which “7 Days” are they referring to? 



  1. I walked past a shop which had obviously had it’s windows vandalised and which had had boarding put up pending relacement. Neatly stencilled on the boards were the glazier’s company name and the assurance that he was available “378 days a year”.

  2. There’s a bed and bedding shop at Rhodes taht proudly advertises that it is open
    “8 days”. Chris and I were wondering whether hat is 8 days a fortnight? A month? or perhaps a year??

  3. I love all these examples!

  4. Most of the Park’n’Shop’s in Hong Kong do not have parking. Really flummoxed me when I first moved there.

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