N.Y. Times Article

10 January 2011

The New York Times, no less, has an article about knitting and knitters that doesn’t refer to old ladies (in fact, talks about women with school-age children).

Good to see writing about the sort of knitters I know, not those that are the result of a journalist’s imagination and prejudices..



  1. I like that it also breaks down that other knitting myth – that people do it to save money. “It’s cheaper to buy a sweater from target”

    Although – said sweater is usually at least 50% (sometimes 100%) polyester, acrylic or some other man made fibre, and if you are looking for a gorgeous merino and cashmere sweater it really is quite cost effective to make your own.

  2. That was a lovely piece. Thanks Sally.

  3. I also enjoyed the article. Thanks.

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