Can You Spare Any Change?

2 February 2011

The man has flipped!

Queensland has had quite horrendous flooding over the last few weeks with houses in some areas totally submerged under water.  Many people have died.  Large numbers of people have lost all their possessions and their homes.  Infrastructure is ruined.  And, wonderful to report, the donations have rolled in to help.

Tonight a cyclone is expected to hit Queensland and it will be the worst in living memory (and they have some pretty horrendous cyclones in north Queensland).  So these poor people are about to be battered again.

The Government decided to introduce a one-off levy for the tax year 2011-2012 (starts 1st July 2011) where those earning less than $50,000 p.a. pay nothing, and a sliding scale from there.  $55,000 p.a. is 48c a week, $100,000 is $4.81 p.w. up to a maximum annual salary of $300,000 when you will pay $43.27 p.w. The money will be used for the massive infrastructure bills.

The leader of the Opposition, one Tony Abbott MP, has today urged party supporters to contribute to a fighting fund, so that the Liberal Party can stop this levy.   They’re asking people to give money so that they can stop us giving money. 

May I suggest that if you have any spare change, you put it in a collection box to help Queenslanders NOT give it to Tony Abbott to score party political points on the back of people’s misery.      


  1. FFS. If I had the energy, I’d start a fighting fund to get his media access revoked.

  2. God Tony Abbott makes me mad! What a dickhead.

    I don’t see any problem with the one off tax – it’s not even that much!

  3. Well said, Pompom – I couldn’t have put it better if I’d tried. “They” keep telling me that our Parliament is based on the principle of government and OPPOSITION and that’s why the opposition opposes …… but I’m sure the underlying principle doesn’t have EVERYTHING in the fine print.

    Please write to our friendly MP and give him the benefit of your opinion. I have just received a very chatty response from him to an email I sent last year – he assured me that he had raised the issue of parliamentary behaviour in one of his speeches – I quote:

    ” …Your feedback about the nature of parliamentary decorum, or seeming lack of, is appreciated. One thing I have learnt very quickly in this new
    role is the very selective approach taken by the media to their
    reporting of parliamentary proceedings. The House of Reps can sit for
    over 12 hours in a single day, including detailed speeches and debates
    on important matters of national policy, yet it is only a 30 second
    snippet of insult or abuse from Question Time that will make the evening
    news. Regardless, I did reference this matter in a short statement I
    made in Parliament in the final sitting week before Christmas, which may
    be of interest to you:
    25#g56.2 ”

    The referencehe made was in relation to fighting tooth and nail to defend their party platforms IN parliament but being jolly good friends outside, and Merry Christmas to you all ….. please check the reference yourself – I may have misinterpreted what was said/intended 🙂 – in any case, it highlighted to me how little insight MPs have into the minds of thinking voters.

  4. What a tosser he is.

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