Use Only As Intended!

10 February 2011

As the US$ is still virtually at parity with the AU$, it seems churlish not to hit the internet and make the odd American purchase.  My latest arrived yesterday, with full instructions.

Apparently the items are sharp and should be handled with care.  They shouldn’t be left on the floor. They should not be used in a moving vehicle. They should not be stuck in the ear or in “other body parts”.  There were full instructions on how they are to be stored.

Yes, of course – they’re knitting needles!  But I’ve never had instructions with knitting needles before, including that they are “intended for knitting purposes only” and that to customise them will invalidate the warranty.  Customise them?  And talking about Customs, they sound so dangerous I’m surprised they got into the country.

The needles are from Signature Needle Arts and I have to say they’re quite beautiful.  A friend told me recently that she’d always wanted a pair and I’d been desperately trying to think of a present for her so that solved the problem.  And of course I had to buy a pair for me too.  I haven’t tried them yet but will report back whether they live up to the hype.

Presuming I don’t have any major injuries like sticking one up my nose while knitting in a moving vehicle.


  1. Love this. Until now my favourite instructions have been the two pages of small print you receive when you buy a pair of Trippen shoes.

  2. Pardon – may I ask if you chose straight or circular needles? DPNs? (Ohhh – and what color, please?) I’ve also been occasionally visiting the Signature Needle Arts website to admire them.

    My favorite instructions thus far have been the ones that came with the Tilley Hat from my husband. Funny and Hat-educational! The bonus fun was the registration/warranty info!

  3. But bear in mind that the US is a country where two fairly recent successful lawsuits have included a woman who sued for tripping over an unruly toddler in a furniture store (the little boy was her own) and someone who walked into the rear of a Winebago leaving the vehicle on cruise control. Not surprisingly it crashed. Apparently the manual for these vehicles now spells out that the driver shouldn’t leave the wheel while the van is in motion. So perhaps you shouldn’t be too harsh on the knitting needle manufacturer for covering his/her back.

  4. i think they need to be used in self defence at the AGM

  5. I bought one set to try them out. (2.25mm, DPNS). I had a bit of a windfall a few months later, and bought the entire set of DPNs and straights. Now contemplating buying the full set of circs (getting one set to try out…)

    I will use straights to use these needles, they are amazing for lace.


  6. This is too funny, love it ! …did they mention anything about a moving vehicle in the fine print or maybe this is an acceptable practice and instructions not required ! .)

    Love the needles.. ENJOY !!

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