A More Exciting Year

3 March 2011

2011 certainly looks as though it will be a little more interesting than 2010 . . . and hopefully a lot less stressful. 

I’ve a few things lined up for the year but first of all I must get back to England.  Last year was the first since I’ve been in Australia (8 years) that I haven’t visited because travelling would just have been too difficult.  I also missed months of work and couldn’t just up and away for a month.

It’s not totally organised yet but I’m hoping to travel in the middle of May. stop somewhere interesting in each direction (Japan, South Korea, India?) and spend three weeks in England (making sure I get back in time for WWKIP!).  I missed my mother’s 90th birthday last year so have a bit of making up to do. 

Then in the middle of July, I’m flying off to Queensland to get myself a knitting teaching certificate.  The Craft Council (North American organisation) is running a course here and there’s no Australian equivalent so I thought it would be a good idea while I have the opportunity.   It will be another string to my bow for the future as I don’t intend to be “accounting” for ever.

I’ve only done a small amount of teaching and thoroughly enjoyed it but I’m probably not very good at it.  I’m really not a born teacher but hopefully this course will help.  And a trip to Queensland during the NSW winter sounds like a good plan to me. 

So that’s the first half of the year taken care of!



  1. Olds College just sponsored a Master Spinner Program here in Tucson. I’m not a spinner (resisting!!) but a friend of mine attended for reasons similar to yours.
    I’m slowly working on the TKGA Master Knitter program. Lots to learn (and research and document).
    I expect you’re a better teacher than you think – particularly because you “thoroughly enjoyed it”. Good luck with your Knitting Teaching Certificate!

  2. What lovely trips to look forward to!

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